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Everybody knows that women gain body fat a lot easier than men and have significantly more trouble losing it through diet and exercise. Part of this is biological as women tend to have a different body composition to men, specifically less muscle mass. As a result, they require fewer calories to carry out normal daily activities. This is partly hormonal as higher oestrogen levels lead to the body storing fat more readily. However a large part of the problem is caused by the recent phenomenon of crash and restrictive dieting. This forces the body into starvation mode where it will store and hold onto fat, believing that your life literally does depend on it. Add to this the fact that most women tend to adopt ineffective training and weight loss techniques, achieving the results you want becomes extremely difficult.

That’s the bad news, but the good news is that there are a number of ways to address these issues and create the figure you want.

Your body is a unique blue print and you need a programme designed with your biological structure in mind, not a generic exercise and eating plan that only works effectively for a small percentage of women.

Certain training techniques can speed up the metabolism by as much as 20% for in excess of 24 hours, so in effect you can be burning additional calories and fat while sleeping. Also certain foods have a “thermogenic effect” meaning that a high percentage of the calories stored within the food during are used during its digestion and they can speed up your metabolism at the same time. You will receive a carefully designed bespoke training programme that incorporates not only fat burning techniques, nutritional guidance but a complete easy-to-follow workout, empowering you to take control and achieve the body you really want. Your progress will be closely tracked and any adjustments made as you progress each week.

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Women training - Personal Training Teesside and Durham

What My Female Clients Say

  • Wulan Putri-Roos “I have managed to drop 2 dress sizes in just 4 months!! If I had only followed Phil”s dietary advice…. size 0 perhaps???” full article
  • Christine McMillan (Director)”..my whole life and body has changed, I have lost body fat, toned up to a dress size smaller and generally feel happier and more positive about myself…”  full article
  • Carmel Rooney (Director)”He is an inspiration to many women in the gym, he encourages, educates, motivates, and inspires each and every one of us to achieve and strive harder to achieve our personal goals….”  full article
  • Haz Davies (Development Manager)”Phil devised a bespoke training and eating plan for me which has resulted in a significant change in my body shape and I feel so much fitter & healthier…” full article
  • Jayne Mahon (Salon Manager)”His guidance changed my whole attitude towards training, making it an enjoyable and most importantly a successful experience…”  full article