Water – Naturally Infuse Your 8 A Day

Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Health & Nutrition

Struggling to drink your recommended 8 glasses of water each day? Give water a naturally infused tweak and kick-start your recommended daily fluid intake.

The health benefits of drinking enough water each day clearly make this a ‘no brainer’. Water really is a superfood straight from the tap and it’s free! The only downside for many is actually getting it down – it just doesn’t taste too great.

We’ve all got so used to artificially flavoured or sweetened drinks that plain water has become a chore to drink. Water for many has become a bland fluid to which we add chemicals in order that it becomes palatable. Just read the label of most drinks sold in supermarkets – even those advertised as natural or healthy – you will find a bewildering list of ingredients that requires a chemistry degree if you really want to know what you are putting into your body.


These shop bought drinks are very convenient and fairly inexpensive so it’s no wonder whole isles are dedicated to their sales in most supermarkets. If you are looking to drink ‘cleanly’, however, and would like to reduce the amount of chemicals you introduce to your body each day, why not try naturally flavouring your H2O.

Tip: I found that keeping a 2lt water jug either in the fridge or on my desk is very handy and convenient. It reminds me to drink more and, serves as a gauge, indicating how much fluid I’m managing to consume. It also serves as a ‘test tube’ for the following recipes


Infused Water recipes:

herbal/fruit teaFruit or Herbal Tea – This idea is so simple and a must for those who love their fruit or herbal teas. Make your ‘brew’ as usual using your favourite type of tea or select a flavour you would like to try cold! Let the tea infuse for a good while before adding to a jug; simply top-up with water and let cool. The depth of flavour depends very much on how long you let your tea fuse for and with some types of teas I have tried its definitely a case of less is more. Personally I find a subtle hint of fruit tea in iced water very refreshing.


cucumber waterSliced Cucumber – This recipe is  commonly used in restaurants and cafes. Very easy to prepare and can be swiftly added to your H20 when time is against you. Just a couple of slices of cucumber added to your water imparts a delicate refreshing taste. I love adding ice to my cucumber infused water and enjoy regular sips whilst enjoying a coffee on a hot summer’s day.


lemon lime Sliced Lemon or Lime – Adds a great citrus twist.




mix fruitMixed fruit – Any combination of your favourite fruit will work. Some fruits, however, particularly berries needs a little coxing as some infuse flavour better than others. I usually find a  little pounding with a wooden spoon can aid even the most suborn fruits into releasing their flavour!


spiceHerbs & Spices – fresh mint, peppermint etc. A little experimentation is required here but I’m sure in no time at all you will be producing a taste bud pleasing drink that makes getting your 8 a day not just easy, but a pleasure.




Resources for flavouring water naturally:


…Apple and cinnamon has just popped into my mind! Could this be my answer to a ‘comfort’ drink this summer?


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