The rise of budget gyms

Posted by on Oct 12, 2014 in Thoughts

My own opinion on the budget nature of the service offered in most gyms may be biased and I’m very happy to accept that, but there is some good reasoning behind my opinions so stay with me and maybe you’ll be convinced.

So in my mind, your body, health and spirit are about the most valuable assets you’ll ever own and even more than that to some extent are irreplaceable. So it does baffle me how little we are willing to spend to improve, strengthen and increase the lifespan of our most valuable assets.

I’m going to leave the group of the population that are not gym goers and potentially never will be out of the equation as this would be the subject of another blog altogether. I’m concentrating my comments solely on those who are attending a gym and pay a gym membership at present, a large percentage of which will attend budget, no service gyms. The simple facts are these individuals do understand the importance of training even if vanity is the driving force at times, so why are more and more moving toward a no service environment. Think about it, when you are out and fancy a nice refreshing coffee that you know is going to be of a certain standard and which you are going to enjoy where do you go? Probably one of the market leaders in the industry which time after time provide you with the quality of service and experience you expect. Your choice will probably cost you double the price it would have at the greasy spoon on the corner so why did you make the choice. Partly because you know and trust, partly because you like the product and also partly because in general we don’t mind paying for a superior service that we will enjoy. We make these kind of decisions in big ways i.e. cars and small ways i.e. food and drink everyday so maybe we should do the same with our gym membership, the one thing that could potentially give us the health, body and mind that we aspire to.

It’s important that I add I do understand that not everybody has the option to pay any more than the £15/20 they may currently pay to attend their gym. I fully respect this and have over the years been in positions where the gym membership I would like has not been in my budget. So this is where I need to point out that I am in no way saying that results are not achievable in a no service gym, what it may mean is that you will need to be a little more self-motivated and a little more self-educated to achieve. However if you fall into the category of those who can afford the extra £1 per day it might cost to attend a top of the range facility, why not do so?

This should give you access to a quieter more pleasant environment with professional guidance on hand offering up to date advice to gently push you toward your goals. My view is that if your already committing substantial amounts of time and some financial resource to a cause surely giving yourself the very very best chance of achieving has to be worth a little bit more.

Once again I appreciate my absolute bias in this area as an exercise professional but I would just like you to consider the points iv made and maybe have a look at where some of your disposable income goes and whether it’s worth spending a little more when it comes to the environment in which we intend to achieve our health and fitness goals for life.



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