Phil was recommended In March 2007 by a fellow member from the gym, he was and still is the turning point in my life in so many ways. Phil took on a couple of mature and unfit ladies who really had never done a hard day”s work in the gym ever! Within a few weeks of personal training, I began to see the difference. Phil involved himself in every aspect of my personal fitness program he educated me on nutrition and the importance of eating properly. He made sure I was getting enough cardio in my routine as well as the personal weight training each week. In the beginning I could barely do anything that involved balance or too much movement and as of early July I feel more confident doing the exercises and look forward to my next session. I feel younger, rejuvenated and happier than I have in years. I truly believe I have Phil to thank for all that! He is an inspiration to many women in the gym, he encourages, educates, motivates, and inspires each and every one of us to achieve and strive harder to achieve our personal goals. – Carmel Rooney (Director)

Personal Trainer Durham - Carl's testimonial

Carl Cross
I contacted Phil following recommendations from friends and have now been training with him now since 2010. He has been great at developing a personal training programme which perfectly matched my requirements. I’d always been a regular gym-goer but I’ve now made fantastic progress which has been due entirely to Phil. He is always supportive and encouraging and is very up to date with new techniques as well as experienced in established routines.

David Carr (Priest) – Brandon, Durham
After a period of illness, I knew that I needed to get back in shape, having worked with personal trainers in the past, I knew that working with a personal trainer again was for me. Knowing that finding the right personal trainer makes a huge difference, I decided to meet with 3 personal trainers, one of which was Phil.

From the initial meeting Phil stood out, he was by far the most experienced and knowledgeable. His initial consultation identified just how unfit I was, I appreciated not only Phil’s honesty, but also his confidence that I could once again achieve a fitness level that I would be happy with. Now after working with Phil for 6 months, I am fitter, leaner and stronger than I have ever been! Every session with Phil is well planned, targeted and tough but above all thoroughly enjoyable. Phil frequently evidences the progress that I’ve made, keeping my motivational levels high.

Most personal trainers try to encourage clients to only work out with them, Phil on the other hand is more than happy to design a program to be used outside of his sessions, and as a result, I feel that I am still in control of my own fitness. I have never once regretted my decision to work with Phil and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Christine McMillan (Director)
I joined a Gym with my friend Carmel in March 2007; we attended on and off for a year and I must say more off than on! We then met Phil who is a Professional Qualified Personal Trainer with all the knowledge and experience on how to get fit, feel happier about yourself, eat properly and maintain a healthy well being. Since then my whole life and body has changed, I have lost body fat, toned up to a dress size smaller and generally feel happier and more positive about myself. I never enjoyed training until I met Phil and can honestly say I look forward to my sessions which when I look back to March 2008 and compare them to now it is amazing how much I have achieved.

Personal Trainer Middlesbrough -Haz's testimonial

Haz Davies (Development Manager)
I have been training with Phil for over a year now and I have been extremely pleased with the results that I have achieved as I have always struggled with my weight. Phil devised a bespoke training and eating plan for me which has resulted in a significant change in my body shape and I feel so much fitter & healthier. I was dubious initially about using a male personal trainer however my concerns instantly vanished as Phil put me at ease straight away and I found his training style to be extremely encouraging and supportive.

Jayne - effective-weight-loss-for-women

Jayne Mahon (Salon Manager)
After joining executive fitness clinic I decided to speak to Phil about personal training. His guidance changed my whole attitude towards training, making it an enjoyable and most importantly a successful experience. I eventually managed to tone and shape the problem areas that always bothered me!

Morgan O’Reily (Founder and CEO)
Having been a keen boxer and climber in my 20s and early 30s I started training with Phil around a year ago after six years of very little physical activity. At the time I weighed around 73kg and had a body fat percentage of around 18%. After a long period of inactivity I was also worried about some old injuries I had including a previous compound fracture to the thoracic vertebrae and a serious shoulder dislocation. In the time I have spent working with Phil my weight has changed to 82kg while my body fat percentage has gone down by 4%. Phil has also showed me how to train in a manner that has actually started to correct the impact of my injuries reducing significantly the amount of pain and discomfort that I experience. I would have no problem or hesitation recommending Phil to anyone and intend working with him for the foreseeable future.”


Matt Littler (Hollyoaks Actor)
Due to the nature of my job it was very important that I get into shape for prospective roles. I wanted to reduce my body fat all over while adding some muscle and toning my upper body. Phil talked me through what and when I should be eating and put me on a specific training program. I enjoyed the one to one sessions and it really made some dramatic changes to my physique and lifestyle.

Mark Beardwood
I have been training with Phil for about six months now. Over that period I have realized a number of important goals. I am now considerably fitter, and have achieved a good reduction in body fat. Also importantly to me I found that the golf specific flexibility and core training we have done has helped contribute positively towards my game. I can honestly say that without Phil’s professional guidance it would have been difficult to achieve these results.”


Paul Lin (Managing Director)
After quite a serious hernia operation I had some major concerns with regard to injury and how I should exercise, I also had some annoying and often painful postural problems. Phil guided me through a totally different way to exercise and re-educated me with regard to how my body works and how I can reduce my risk of injury while developing much better and more comfortable posture. I now feel physically fitter and much of the stress and pain in my lower back has dissipated.”

Dr. Gary Gibson (Chief Technology Officer) – Durham City
The time pressures of balancing a successful career with the responsibilities of a young family meant that time for fitness and training went out of the window in my late 20s. Global travel and the desire to make a mark on my industry further crowded out any chance of training through my 30s. It wasn’t until I hit my 40s that I decided that enough was enough and it was time to get back in shape. It was quickly apparent that my memories of what I had been able to do no longer matched reality and truth to be told they didn’t deserve to either. I decided to take the smart option and get some help. After asking around I picked Phil to help me, and couldn’t have made a better decision.
I’ve been training for 11 weeks right now and in that time have lost 23lbs, have gone from struggling to run 500m to running 5k comfortably, and have increased my strength by around 80%. Through all of the training Phil has been a consummate professional, has listened to my aspirations and constantly tailored a program for me to help me reach my goals the fastest way possible. Each session has been a little bit different making them fun and keeping me on my toes. I am nothing short of awestruck by how good a trainer he is and look forward to the future training ahead.”

Personal Trainer Durham - Wulan's testimonial

Wulan Putri-Roos (Housewife)
Phil’s training program has been so effective that, even though my diet hasn’t been very strict (I love my carbs!) I have managed to drop 2 dress sizes in just 4 months!! If I had only followed Phil’s dietary advice…. size 0 perhaps???

David Roos (Global Marketing Director)
Phil’s tailor-made approach has helped me significantly strengthen my core muscles. This has not only greatly improved my posture it has also made my chronic back pain disappear. It has made me realize that an investment in your health is the best investment there is.

effective personal training - adam

Adam Bell (Marketing Director)
I’ve joined a few different gyms over the years, each time with no great success. My intentions have always been good but I have always found it difficult to keep motivated and because I’d never had anything more than a gym induction I always felt out of place during my work out. Everytime I felt that I wasn’t achieving any results I’d give up completely and go back to my old ways. My diet has been a huge concern for me as I have been vegetarian all my life and have battled to put weight on. I’ve always believed that it is impossible to get a gym body without eating meat and fish.
Since training with Phil once a week I have kept motivated and even enjoyed going to the gym on a very regular basis. I’ve learned so much now that I would feel confident training in any gym at a peak time and on the odd occasion when I do have a bad week, my next session of PT gets me back on track. My diet has improved massively, with guidance from Phil. He’s made me aware of suitable sources of protein and how much I need to eat. So far my I’ve gained approx 2 stone in weight which has transformed my body shape, I’ve got a long way to go yet to achieve what I really want but I’m confident that in time training with Phil will get me there.

Peter Brennen (IT Consultant)
I approached Phil because I wanted someone who could help me train effectively by removing the onus on me regarding what exercises to do and when. I found that sources of advice like magazines and online were often conflicting and confusing. I wanted to use my limited time in the gym as effective as possible to achieve my goals quicker. After consulting with Phil, he was able to identify my goals and plan my routines that I would follow on my own. However importantly, when we met for a PT session, he would ensure my muscles stayed responsive and shocked into continuous development. He also provides motivation and tracks my progress consistently using a variety of measurements.”

Karley (Therapist)
I started training with Phil in April and I have now lost a stone and a half, dropped a dress size and toned up. Phil listened to my goals and objectives and created a plan that would work around my lifestyle and working hours. I feel so much more confident in my appearance and I now have much more energy. I would recommend Phil to anyone who would like an enjoyable training experience that achieves results!

Personal Trainer Durham - Michael's testimonial

Michael Hanley Age: 36, Information Risk Manager for the Ministry of Justice, 2nd Job: Referee.
Phil has helped me recover my fitness after injury and illness so that I could resume my refereeing duties, shame he couldnt imporove my eyesight!! Phils nutritional advice has helped me feel more energetic and healthier.