Supercharge Your Day with Oats.

Posted by on May 9, 2014 in Health & Nutrition

oatsBreakfast or ‘breaking the fast’ is the time we should be kick-starting our metabolism and treating our bodies to some quality fuel for the day ahead. Whether you are heading to the office or cycling thirty miles, having a bowl of porridge oats provides energy, good nutrition and can improve your health.

Most breakfast cereals we see in supermarkets are processed to such a degree it’s almost like they have mechanically pre-digested for us too! Many brands advertise ‘fortified with vitamins’, but this can simply mean that if vitamins and minerals were not added artificially, after processing, there would very little content left if any. The amount of sugar in some cereals, especially those aimed at children is shocking. One brand has 37g of carb/sugar per 100g.

Porridge oats are inexpensive, nutritious and very versatile. There are so many recipes and ways to tweak your oats: from ‘old school’ hot water only to oats mixed with the latest super-foods, fruit, berries, nuts, seeds; rice, nut or even oat milk can be used instead of regular milk and generous dollop of manuka honey for those who like the sweet things in life. oats1Personally I like to add cinnamon as I find it adds a subtle sweetness – apparently it can also help to stabilize blood sugar levels. Being prone to Type 2 diabetes, I find cinnamon quite a useful spice when trying to eliminate sugar from my diet.

Porridge oats are a ‘slow release’ complex carbohydrate:

Unlike ‘simple’ refined carbohydrates, found in so many breakfast cereals, the complex ‘carbs’ in porridge oats can help to keep feelings of hunger at bay. Sugar ladened cereals (refined carbs) cause a peak & trough effect regarding blood sugar levels,. This is why many people find that they are looking for another sugary fix before lunchtime. Some individuals become very tired, irritable and even shaky at certain times of the day – these symptoms can highlight a need for giving your body the good nutrition it deserves. Oats have a less dramatic effect on the body’s blood sugar levels. Broken down slowly by the body, oats provide a measured source of energy so you may find that a mid-morning snack no longer beckons you with its sweet promises.

Oats are not only nutritious, but they even help protect you from heart disease. A type of fibre found in oats, beta-glucan, can lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.  In fact, oats can help reduce a myriad of health related problems like childhood obesity and high blood pressure.

Oats really are a super food.




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