…Stopping Your Inner “Carb” Monster!

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carb monster

So what do you do when your treat night turns into a treat week or your cravings become so strong that your inner carb monster has you under its claw? Here are a few tips and suggestions that have been used by others to help keep your carb monster under your control:


delete-148476_640 Don’t go down the damage limitation route by fasting. This will only make you vulnerable later in the day when your carb monster’s whisperings become too tempting to resist.


red-40319_640   Do drink plenty of water! This can help a lot with cravings as well re-hydrating your body – especially important as many processed foods are dehydrating owing to salt content etc.



red-40319_640Eat plenty of whole grain carbs (complex carbohydrates) like brown rice, oats, nuts, vegetables and whole grain breads. These foods digest and release energy at a slower rate – eliminating the peaks and troughs associated with refined/processed carbohydrates – keeping you feeling satisfied for longer and, helping to fend off the whisperings of your inner carb beast.


red-40319_640 Keep some snacks handy so you don’t get hungry between meals. Almonds, carrot sticks or cooked meats like chicken are an excellent choice.


red-40319_640Phone a buddy. Talking to a like-minded friend is a great way to switch off those carb urges. You could help each other as we all have an inner monster to varying degrees.



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