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At Effective Personal Training we have seen massive growth in our North East client base particularly in the early part of 2014. We are also expanding into new state of the art premises toward the end of this year. The facilities will incorporate everything that is current, functional and effective in the world of training. Whatever a clients goal may be we will be in a position to offer them a solution in the form of trainer and training programme.

Our aim is to continue to offer a level of service which supersedes that being offered by our competitors.

As such we are looking to recruit individuals who would like to be part of our company. If you are an in demand trainer you will of heard all of this before, over the years I have found myself bombarded by emails and calls offering me such opportunities. The standard offerings are generally for you to rent space in large gym chains with the promise of OTE earnings £35000+. This is all well and good however it relies on you to recruit all of your own business while initially earning no money, statistically 8 out of 10 trainers will end up reverting to another line of employment very quickly.

Here’s the difference, we are willing to pay a basic wage well in excess of the going rate as well as offering a profit share. Basically if you are good at your job and can work well with the clients in our facility you will receive additional payment for every session of training you do. The best bit is I’m happy for you to do these additional sessions while your on your shift, my only concern is our clients are getting the best service on the market.

Here’s what I’m looking for :

Qualified Pilates specialist
Qualified Yoga specialist
Olympic lifting specialist
Experienced personal trainer
Personal training supervisor
Trainee personal trainer
Martial arts specialist MMA
Martial arts specialist general

For the right candidate we are happy to consider very flexible employment terms and basic wage / commission structures. We have a number of full and part time positions however if you’ve got the skill we want and can only commit to one day per week or even an evening we can discuss terms.

Please get in touch with me via my contact page to discuss things further.


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