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At Effective Personal Training I believe in keeping things simple and leaving you in control. There is a reason why many personal trainers want a big chunk of your cash upfront, they don”t believe in what they do or their ability to get you results! As such we avoid marketing gimmicks and packages that tie you in for months at a time without giving you the option to get out if you”re not achieving what you want. What you will find is a flexible, tailored approach, focused on you, where you only pay me when you want to train. That means I have to be focused on providing an effective session every single time, meaning that you will achieve your goals far faster with me than with anyone else. Simple, really!

I believe my prices are competitive in the Durham and Teesside areas, in terms of quality and what you will get out of one of my programmes. Like with most things sometimes paying a little more gets you a lot more! To give you a chance to check me out and see if what I say is true, please see my price package below.

Price structure for personal training Durham, Teesside and Middlesbrough

If you do want quality training but would like to spread the cost then why not train with some friends. Unlike other trainers I don”t increase the cost for small groups, and this method of training can provide a level of practicality and efficiency for the client which is difficult to beat.

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