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Posted by on Sep 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

The new website design is in. Hope you like it!

My aim was to take all of the things I liked best from the old site and bring it up to date with a modern fun design. Feel free to share any comments that you might have.

Some of the new features on the site are:

Twitter: Direct feed of my tweets straight to the website.

Blog: A new blog jam-packed full of wisdom, training tips and articles. Come and check it out for the latest thing!

Responsive design: The new website design checks if the reader is using an iphone, a tablet or a computer and adapts itself for the best reading experience. Try twisting your iphone and see what happens!

Pricing: Straight-forward and clear pricing so people know what they can expect when they train with me. See what some of my existing clients say.

If you’re interested in taking up some training then feel free to book your free consultation using our form to discuss your goals and let me answer any questions you might have.


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  1. Great work. Any link to your circuit for fat loss? Couldn’t seem to find it.

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