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Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Thoughts

Chris Newton - Middlesbrough Sports Star

I thought it would be good to put pen to paper and talk a bit about some of the towns that we train in. Middlesbrough is one of our areas and it’s a great place to work in. Not only are the people great, the place has a great sporting tradition.

Obviously Boro is one of the best football clubs in the area, and loads of young lads want to be the next Gareth Dothgate or Jonathan Woodgate. There’s also the Olympic medal winner, Chris Newton and professional boxer, Paul Truscott, that we can all look up to. Great stars at the top of their game.

The thing that they all have in common, is a grit and determination to succeed, to beat the odds no matter how tough the going gets. That’s what I find in the people in Middlesbrough and the commitment that clients show is what makes the job of a personal trainer such a fantastic one.

So if you are looking to improve your strength, increase your fitness, or just lose that few pounds to get your body looking great, then get in touch through my contact page.


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