Want to up your game? – Have a coffee

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Good news for coffee drinkers. Numerous studies have shown that caffeine is one of the most effective ergogenic stimulants that anyone can take, i.e. the best way to boost performance in high intensity exercise. Little did you know as you have been supping on your Starbucks that you were actually setting yourself up for that stellar performance! Good job! Not only are the effects of caffeine both measureable and real, they are incredibly powerful. It has been shown in numerous double blind experiments (Costill DL, 1978) , that it can increase...

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A Journey in Training – Part 2

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As promised, here’s part two of my personal training journey. My love of bodybuilding and weights ultimately led over time to an accumulation of minor injuries and niggles which led me to become interested in corrective exercise and rehabilitation. I took a qualification in corrective exercise which focuses on the benefits of activating the less frequently used muscles, creating stability around our core and hips as well as increasing general and specific flexibility. The personal benefits of following my own programme have probably...

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A journey in training – Part 1

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Hi all, I thought that you might find it interesting to learn a little bit about my personal training journey and what has motivated me over the years. To be honest my journey has been a very eclectic mixture of training techniques and looking back my attitudes toward training have changed significantly over time. I have always been a keen sportsperson playing football to a reasonable standard, golf, squash and running when I was a young teenager. As such I was always fit, reasonably strong and an average weight throughout most of my...

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Middlesbrough Personal Training

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I thought it would be good to put pen to paper and talk a bit about some of the towns that we train in. Middlesbrough is one of our areas and it’s a great place to work in. Not only are the people great, the place has a great sporting tradition. Obviously Boro is one of the best football clubs in the area, and loads of young lads want to be the next Gareth Dothgate or Jonathan Woodgate. There’s also the Olympic medal winner, Chris Newton and professional boxer, Paul Truscott, that we can all look up to. Great stars at the top of...

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New Year – New You

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At New Year lots of us make resolutions on things we’d like to change in our lives, for the better. And when it comes to health and getting in shape, well they’re the best resolutions because of the positive impact they’ll have on your life! Thing is, it’s a great thing to do but most of us know resolutions don’t last past the second week of January. That’s fine and most of us have a laugh about the resolutions that we make, but perhaps for once, it might be interesting to make some resolutions for keeps. If that sounds like something...

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Endurance training – The amazing cardio system

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During endurance or cardio training, the body adapts itself, making significant physical changes to the cardiovascular system. This is why after a few months of good training we can run further and faster without the same level of difficulty we would have felt before beginning training. How the body changes Some of the changes made are phenomenal and show what an amazing thing the body is, but before we jump into what these changes are; it’s worth talking about what happens in the cardio system when the body exercises. Everyone knows that...

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Top 5 pointers for selecting a personal trainer

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Top 5 pointers for selecting a personal trainer I just wanted to put a few thoughts together on selecting the right trainer for you. Research suggests that using a personal trainer will lead to significantly better results than training yourself. However there are lots of variables and finding the right trainer for you is essential. Below are my top 5 recommendations: 1) Is the trainer REPs registered? Although being reps registered doesn’t guarantee a good trainer and there are a number of non reps registered trainers who are...

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Beat the Trainer – The 400 circuit challenge

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Have you ever wondered how fit you are? Well why not try this fitness challenge that I just recently came up with for a client. It’s a full body workout and I can guarantee that it will get your heart pumping. It’s built with three different levels so pick the one that suits you best, without cheating, and go for a good work-out. To make it all the more fun, why don’t you try and beat me at it. So game on everyone! Post your time below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you. Also challenge your friends, see how...

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New Website Design

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The new website design is in. Hope you like it! My aim was to take all of the things I liked best from the old site and bring it up to date with a modern fun design. Feel free to share any comments that you might have. Some of the new features on the site are: Twitter: Direct feed of my tweets straight to the website. Blog: A new blog jam-packed full of wisdom, training tips and articles. Come and check it out for the latest thing! Responsive design: The new website design checks if the reader is using an iphone, a tablet or a computer and...

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Now serving the Newcastle area

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Effective personal training is now positioned to train clients in the Newcastle area!! My mission in regard to personal training has always been to ensure my clients achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential. As such I have always adopted a quality approach in every aspect of training. Your success is key. I am now extending my service to reach a limited number of individuals in the Newcastle area in their home environment. Spaces and availability will be limited so I’m keen to ensure anybody who wants to start a programme...

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