The rise of budget gyms

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My own opinion on the budget nature of the service offered in most gyms may be biased and I’m very happy to accept that, but there is some good reasoning behind my opinions so stay with me and maybe you’ll be convinced. So in my mind, your body, health and spirit are about the most valuable assets you’ll ever own and even more than that to some extent are irreplaceable. So it does baffle me how little we are willing to spend to improve, strengthen and increase the lifespan of our most valuable assets. I’m going to...

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Going Barefoot – conditioning

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Barefoot Conditioning If you would like to try Barefoot running/walking please take it slowly. Expecting to just switch to walking barefoot will result in injuries. Having been used to footwear that dictated your gait, for many years, the adjustment period will take a fair degree of unlearning so please take your time. Listen to your body’s aches and grumbles but remember ultimately no reconditioning should involve pain, unconditioned muscles may feel tired and fatigued but it is important to not push beyond this. The majority of those...

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Kick Off The Shoes! Why Going Barefoot Can Be So Beneficial

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This is a guest blog by Mr William Wilson on the effects and possibly benefits of barefoot shoes. We all learned to walk Barefoot. None of us were born wearing a snazzy pair of Nike trainers or a colourful pair of crocs. Just as soon as we won the battle against gravity attaining an upright balance, for the act of walking/toddling, we quickly progressed to wearing pretty ribboned boots that always achieved a cuteness ‘aaah’ from gran parents. Growing into teenagers and young adults it was the coolness ‘awes’ from friends that mattered as...

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…Stopping Your Inner “Carb” Monster!

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…cont’d So what do you do when your treat night turns into a treat week or your cravings become so strong that your inner carb monster has you under its claw? Here are a few tips and suggestions that have been used by others to help keep your carb monster under your control:  Don’t go down the damage limitation route by fasting. This will only make you vulnerable later in the day when your carb monster’s whisperings become too tempting to resist.    Do drink plenty of water! This can help a lot with cravings as well re-hydrating...

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Your Inner “Carb” Monster!

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  Just polished off a whole pack of biscuits? Finished a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s, despite your solemn oath to only eat half? You are certainly not alone! Many of us suffer from our inner ‘carb’ monster and its silver-tongued ability to talk us into over doing it on cheat days or even when having a little bit of what you fancy, after a tough day, descended into passionate comfort eating. Never, have I looked forward to a blow-out on raw kale or spent a cheat day looking forward to tuna straight from the tin – with or without the...

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New BMI calculator – good news for taller people!

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The standard BMI calculator has been around since the 1830s. By dividing an individual’s weight by their height an estimated body fat percentage is calculated. Despite this being a standardised ‘tool’ for measuring body mass index, the results can somewhat misleading depending on your height! Joe average, fits comfortably within the BMI calculator’s ‘sweet spot’ regarding height & weight, however, being tall can result in BMI estimation of being overweight even though this is not actually the case. Alternatively, being short can result in...

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Water – Naturally Infuse Your 8 A Day

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Struggling to drink your recommended 8 glasses of water each day? Give water a naturally infused tweak and kick-start your recommended daily fluid intake. The health benefits of drinking enough water each day clearly make this a ‘no brainer’. Water really is a superfood straight from the tap and it’s free! The only downside for many is actually getting it down – it just doesn’t taste too great. We’ve all got so used to artificially flavoured or sweetened drinks that plain water has become a chore to drink. Water for many has become a bland...

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Feeling Tired? You could be dehydrated.

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Our body’s ability to tell us we need more fluids can be at times ambiguous. We are all familiar with feeling thirsty after a hard workout or just walking around on a hot day. The thought of a nice ‘cold one’ consumes the mind; we lick our lips with anticipation prior to seeking out fluids to satisfying this basic need. Sometimes, however, the body’s signal that we need hydrating is not so obvious. In fact, some of the signs that you may be dehydrated can be confusing: Feeling tired or weak Hunger Headache Mood swings So rather than taking a...

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Supercharge Your Day with Oats.

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Breakfast or ‘breaking the fast’ is the time we should be kick-starting our metabolism and treating our bodies to some quality fuel for the day ahead. Whether you are heading to the office or cycling thirty miles, having a bowl of porridge oats provides energy, good nutrition and can improve your health. Most breakfast cereals we see in supermarkets are processed to such a degree it’s almost like they have mechanically pre-digested for us too! Many brands advertise ‘fortified with vitamins’, but this can simply mean that if vitamins and...

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Recruitment Drive

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At Effective Personal Training we have seen massive growth in our North East client base particularly in the early part of 2014. We are also expanding into new state of the art premises toward the end of this year. The facilities will incorporate everything that is current, functional and effective in the world of training. Whatever a clients goal may be we will be in a position to offer them a solution in the form of trainer and training programme. Our aim is to continue to offer a level of service which supersedes that being offered by our...

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