Your Inner “Carb” Monster!

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carb monster

Just polished off a whole pack of biscuits? Finished a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s, despite your solemn oath to only eat half? You are certainly not alone! Many of us suffer from our inner ‘carb’ monster and its silver-tongued ability to talk us into over doing it on cheat days or even when having a little bit of what you fancy, after a tough day, descended into passionate comfort eating.

Never, have I looked forward to a blow-out on raw kale or spent a cheat day looking forward to tuna straight from the tin – with or without the complementary brine dressing. In fact, I doubt there are many people who reward or treat themselves with raw ‘greens’ and ‘neat’ tuna; fewer still who worry they’ve over done it, spending the rest of the evening wishing they hadn’t eaten that whole bag of spinach.


Typically, when it comes to comfort, treat or reward foods, nothing tops refined carbohydrates. If your inner carb monster prefers the sweet things in life such as cakes, doughnuts, ice-cream or chooses the savoury side like fish & chips and pizza, there is one common denominator – they taste great! All those nasty trans-fats and body wrecking sugars are tweaked, measured and prepared into tasty foods that sell like hot cakes …excuse the pun!

pizzaburger friesdoughnuts

Granted some junk foods are better nutritionally that others and no food is so bad that when eaten in moderation will cause irreparable damage. There are those with medical conditions such as diabetes or have certain food allergies or intolerances that need to take strict precautions with what they put into their mouth, but generally speaking no food is so toxic that only adrenaline food junkies would risk including it on cheat night.

high dive

…Next time, in my fortnightly blogs, I will add some useful tips and suggestions on how you can put a leash on your carb monster and get back on track.

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