…Stopping Your Inner “Carb” Monster!

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…cont’d So what do you do when your treat night turns into a treat week or your cravings become so strong that your inner carb monster has you under its claw? Here are a few tips and suggestions that have been used by others to help keep your carb monster under your control:  Don’t go down the damage limitation route by fasting. This will only make you vulnerable later in the day when your carb monster’s whisperings become too tempting to resist.    Do drink...

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Your Inner “Carb” Monster!

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  Just polished off a whole pack of biscuits? Finished a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s, despite your solemn oath to only eat half? You are certainly not alone! Many of us suffer from our inner ‘carb’ monster and its silver-tongued ability to talk us into over doing it on cheat days or even when having a little bit of what you fancy, after a tough day, descended into passionate comfort eating. Never, have I looked forward to a blow-out on raw kale or spent a cheat day...

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