Corrective Exercise

Correcting any muscular imbalances

Corrective exercise is a form of personal training that focuses on teaching and applying correct postural position, allowing the body to perform at its best. Bad habits such as...

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Home Training

Train in the comfort of your own home

Effective Personal Training is committed to making results as attainable as possible for clients who are willing to commit to an effective training programme. As such we offer...

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Personal training geared for women

Everybody knows that women gain body fat a lot easier than men and have significantly more trouble losing it through diet and exercise. Part of this is biological as women tend...

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Great prices leaving you in control

At Effective Personal Training I believe in keeping things simple and leaving you in control. There is a reason why many personal trainers want a big chunk of your cash upfront,...

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Fat loss is a multi billion pound industry which is constantly mystified and complicated by companies and individuals seeking to make big money out of people requiring help. So here’s the first point I want to make and it’s not something advertised by most personal trainers or individuals in the weight loss sector “it’s not that complicated”.

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We are located in one of Teesside’s most luxurious and modern gyms, Atom Health and Fitness in Wynyard, Billingham, only a couple of minutes from Sedgefield.

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Phil was recommended In March 2007 by a fellow member from the gym, he was and still is the turning point in my life in so many ways. Phil took on a couple of mature and unfit ladies who really had never done a hard day”s work in the gym ever! Within a few weeks of personal training, I began to see the difference.

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Recruitment Drive - We are looking for the best fitness staff in the industry offering a very competitive package. Please see my blog post


Personal Trainer Sedgefield, Middlesbrough & Teesside

Personal Training for Men & Women

Personal Trainer Mifddlesbrough | Teesside & Personal Trainer Sedgefield: Phil training Matt

In addition to our standard gym-based services, Effective Personal Training now offers home personal training programmes in the Sedgefield, Middlesbrough and Teesside areas to those who may find it easier to undergo their workouts at home. Our personal trainers will travel to you and after an initial consultation will detail a plan of how you can achieve all of your goals in a home-based environment. They will then train with you, supplying all necessary equipment and will be there to support you and encourage you to hit your targets.

Effective Personal Training is a personal trainer service based in the North East covering a wide area allowing you to pick any of the following: Personal Trainers Teesside, Personal Trainers Middlesbrough, Personal Trainers Darlington, Personal Trainers Sedgefield, Personal Trainers Billingham and Personal Trainers Hartlepool.

Philip Lamb founder of Effective Personal Training is the head personal trainer. Having a large and varied client base, his ability to achieve results quickly has gained him a fantastic reputation within his professional field. He designs each personal training programme and nutritional plan to suit the differing goals of each client. From effective weight loss, mass building, flexibility and core stability training through to corrective exercise techniques.

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Personal Training Billingham, Middlesbrough & Teesside: Programmes

Personal training Sedgefield & Personal Trainer Middlesbrough - Corrective exercise

All personal training programmes are based upon the most recent scientific training and nutritional methods which can be adapted to fit any level of ability. Individual clients will have widely varying requirements and as such in the initial consultation every prospective client will be given a realistic time frame to achieve their goals. Efficiency and results are what Effective Personal Training is based on and Philip Lamb (founder and owner) is keen to ensure that clients are committed to obtaining everything they want from their bespoke programme. Personal training programmes can be tailored to a gym or home environment and we offer home personal training to those who prefer to train in their own home. All equipment will be provided by the trainer. Elements of the following exercise programmes can be combined to enable clients to realise more than one goal.

Advanced Core Stability

Core stability is a buzz word but it is also something which affects us all in our daily lives. Good core stability gives the internal strength and structure that can control posture and the skeletal system. By enhancing core stability we can learn to activate muscles deep within the abdomen which connect to the spine, pelvis and shoulders and are the foundations of movements and posture. This programme can work with an individual at any level from somebody wanting to strengthen the lower back and flatten the abdomen to an athlete wanting optimum performance conditioning.

Corrective Exercise Billingham, Middlesbrough & Teesside

Qualified as a corrective exercise specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Phil designs personal training programs that assist in the long term prevention and cure of injuries and postural problems. As such he can for example help alleviate back pain, whilst also improving fitness and aesthetic appearance. As injury is one of the most common reasons that people can fail to meet their goals, it makes sense to train with a specialist who will use proven techniques that will help to keep you training safely. Corrective Exercise is a form of exercise that focuses on teaching and applying correct postural position, allowing the body to perform at its best. Corrective Exercise reworks your assumed posture, correcting muscular imbalances whilst reinvigorating under-used or weakened areas. The basis of any correctional programme is a full kinetic chain assessment which is then analysed in detail and used to design an effective personal training programme. Corrective exercise programmes can be worked into any of the other programmes to allow a client to create tone and shape while correcting problems. More info ...

Advanced Fat Burning Techniques

Turning conventional training methods on their head and employing smart nutritional techniques, this personal training programme enables clients in Sedgefield and Teesside to lose significant amounts of body fat. All participants will be individually assessed to determine their metabolic rate and the most effective way for that individual to increase metabolic activity and kick-start significant fat burning.

Personal training Sedgefield & Personal Training Middlesbrough: Jayne during personal training

Effective Female Tone and Shape Techniques

Effective Personal Training specializes in advanced fat burning programmes and training for women who want to focus on tone and shape in problem areas. So whether your goal is to lose a significant amount of body fat, tone those problem areas or reshape your entire physique, Effective Personal Training can show you how to realize your goals. You will also find the motivational support given as part of the program will help you push forward and accomplish the changes that you have always dreamed of seeing. More info ...

Home Personal Training Billingham, Middlesbrough & Teesside

All personal training programmes include...
Strength and Flexibility Training
Dietary Analysis and Nutritional Advice
Body Composition Analysis

Personal Trainer Sedgefield and Personal Trainer Teesside: Lee before and after personal training